XFOL 10     

Ingredients: Amber Powder, Hyaluronic Acid, DMAE

This formula, called XFOL 10 after its miraculous exfoliating abilities is one of Belle’s ultimate formulations.

XFOL 10 is a vital must-have for your skin care collection.

One crucial ingredient is Amber powder, a timeless gem. Amber powder is composed of fossilized resin originating from ancient forests, some dating back to forty-five million years ago, that were overflowing with natural amber reserves. This plant product is then grounded into a very fine, smoothly rounded particle. This physical exfoliant agent accelerates skin desquamation, improves skin appearance, refines pore size, and brings circulation and oxygen to the skin surface. You will love the glow.

Another imperative ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid. HA is necessary when you want to seal in moisture, making it the top pick for the job. The key molecule involved in this skin moisturizing process has the capacity to retain water effectively.

Last, but certainly not least, is DMAE. DMAE helps to tighten the skin by reducing sagging. For this reason, it also aids in increasing firmness and elasticity and serves as a skin smoother and wrinkle eraser. The effect of DMAE will result in an altered skin appearance, one attributed with a brighter, more youthful look. DMAE will also enhance the effect of other nutrients and antioxidants making it best used in combination with Tripeptides, Vitamins A, E, and C, and alpha lipoic acid.

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